Sira Radio Systems

Case History

We are devoted to our customer’s demand, researching for the best possible solution. It’s our mission. Thanks to the long term experience team of SIRA Radio Systems, we can satisfy our client’s needs.
The case histories highlighted on this page are examples of how we have responded through a customized project fitting the convenient technological choices to the client’s satisfaction.

Monte Pellegrino
Case Histories

Monte Pellegrino FM Antenna System

FM Antenna System, year 2018 New FM antenna system at Monte Pellegrinostation, Palermo, ItalyFMC-03/12(4bays x 3faces)Dual feed antenna

Monsanto Station FM Antennas
Case Histories

Monsanto FM Antenna System

FM Antenna System, year 2019 New FM antenna system at Monsanto station, Lisboa, Portugal.FMC-06/P/12(12baysx 1 face)Dual feed antenna

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